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Summer 2015 Enrollment Open


The Valencia Tutors Learning Center Difference

Traditional Tutoring
Tutoring is how Valencia Tutors Learning Center started! Our fundamental techniques, and commitment to hiring the best teachers has created a program with a results oriented emphasis. VTLC does not believe in long-term contracts and has built a program dedicated to the individual needs of each student. We work collaboratively with a student’s parents, teachers and counselors in defining approaches which directly impact success. VTLC has built a positive reputation in our community, enabling unparalleled communication with the professionals directly involved in your student’s education.
Simply put, our teachers are very well qualified.  Our teachers have been selected for their ability to teach, their experience in the schools, their ability to communicate with families and their formal educations. Our teachers are also chosen for their aptitude to connect with students. All of our teachers have a minimum of a four year degree, in their subject area, and almost ALL of our teachers have a graduate level degree and credential. The average tenure of the teachers at VTLC is seven years. Our teachers stay because they believe in the integrity of the program. In fact, many of our teachers are full-time, which is extremely unusual for an after school learning program. Providing opportunities for our teachers, naturally translates into opportunities for our students.      
WASC Accredited-Courses for Credits
Valencia Tutors Learning Center has earned the highest endorsement granted by WASC which allows our team of credentialed teachers to teach core junior high and high school courses for credits. These credits are transferable to the local district and to universities nationwide. To view the course offerings, click the button on the side menu-Courses for Credit  
NCAA Accredited
Valencia Tutors is NCAA Accredited. This is important to student athletes seeking a D-1 or D-2 scholarship to universities. A student will not clear the requirements for NCAA, if a course in not approved eligible. All courses offered by VTLC are approved by the NCAA. VTLC’s CEEB Code is 850351. A list of approved courses is available at https://web1.ncaa.org/hsportal/exec/hsAction 
College Counseling
The college counseling program is headed by a credentialed high school counselor and a graduate of the prestigious UCLA College Admissions Program. We are extremely dedicated to the transition of students from high school to college and work closely with students in achieving their post-secondary goals. Our commitment to finding the “best-fit” school, is different for every student and having a comprehensive understanding of colleges and universities on a national level is crucial in determining long-term academic decisions.     
SAT/ACT Support
Both exams are accepted at all universities across the country. Defining which test is a better fit is fundamental in defining success. The SAT/ACT workshops have a proven track record of success and is headed by a specialist, trained to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student. We work in small groups, no larger than eight students, and offer the individualized attention required to achieve the best results. Call today book a diagnostic SAT/ACT. 
Charter Schools
Valencia Tutors Learning Center has arrangements with all local charter schools. Charter school parents are able to appropriate direct funding to VTLC. We offer morning hours to our home-school families as well as courses for credits, special education services and traditional tutoring.
Special Education Services
Our special education department is headed by a former district director of special education. VTLC also has a special day class teacher, a resource specialist, a school psychologist and an occupational therapist. All of these professionals have experience in our local schools and are here to help. We understand the process of an IEP and the importance of meeting the goals, specifically designed for your child. We work in tandem, with your child’s special education team to achieve the best results.      

Call us at (661) 259-7160 for more information on our program.  

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