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K-12 & Common Core

Over 10 years ago, tutoring services launched the mission of  Valencia Tutors Learning Center | Our fundamental techniques, and commitment to hiring the best teachers has created a program with a results oriented emphasis. Valencia Tutors Learning Center has built a program dedicated to the individual needs of each student. We work collaboratively with a student’s parents, teachers and counselors in defining approaches which directly impact success. Valencia Tutors Learning Center has earned a positive reputation in our community, enabling unparalleled communication with the professionals directly involved in your student’s education.

Summer Tutoring

& Accredited Online Courses

Next class starts July 13th

  • 1 Hour / week
    $180 monthly
  • 2 Hours / week
    $315 monthly
  • 3 Hours / week
    $395 monthly
  • 4 Hours / week
    $485 monthly
  • Tutoring Academic Pass
    20 hours of tutoring
  • Tutoring Academic Pass
    35 hours of tutoring


Choose the plan that is best for your family!

  • Monthly Rates
  • Payments are Made by the First of Each Month
  • No Registration Fee
  • Set Schedule
  • Guarantees Time and Teacher
  • Siblings Can Share Hours
  • Hours Must be Used by Month End
  • Regular Make-Up Policy Applies
  • Regular Cancellation Policy Applies
  • Unused Hours May not be Rolled or Applied as a Credit
  • Annual Pass
  • Paid In Full for Year
  • No Registration Fee
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Teacher and Time can be Reserved
  • Siblings Can Share Hours
  • Hours May be Used Throughout Year (End 5/31)
  • Regular Make-Up Policy Applies
  • Regular Cancellation Policy Applies
  • Hours are Continuous Through Academic Year


Laura Lorenze M.Ed|ICAC – Administrator

26509 Carl Boyer Dr. Santa Clarita, CA 91350
CONTACT | 661-259-7160